Product Description

Heat treatment shops, Furnace and boiler construction, Glass, porcelain, enamel, cement and ceramic industries, Mechanical engineering, Petroleum industry

Property Features

Heat resisting austenitic steel. Superior high temperature strength and excellent toughness. Heat resistance in air up to 1100°C. Good resistance in oxydizing, nitrogenous and low oxygen gases. Medium resistance in sulphurous, oxidizing gases but sensitive to the action of reducing sulphurous gases. Embrittlement only occours after prolonged exposure in the temperature range of 650 to 900°C. Therefore in the case continous working temperatures more than 950°C are recommended.

Technical Specifications

Material Numbers

1.4876 N08800 N08810 N08811 X10NiCrAlTi32-21 NCF 800 HTF NCF 800 TF NCF 800 NCF 800 TP NCF 800 TB



Chemical Composition

Chemical composition (average %)
0.07 0.35 0.75 20.80 32.00 0.30 0.30

Available product shapes

  • Long Products
  • Plates
  • Semi-Finished Products / Billet


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